Introducing SpotCast, a new video instruction platform

15 July 2022 · SpotCast team

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The first time you ever do a task is often the most dangerous time. 

The reality of work, is that a job you’ve never done before will take you longer to complete. When you do a job for the first time you are more prone to error, and if it is a physical job, injury. Sometimes serious injury.  

Proper one-on-one training done at the right time helps to turn a “first time job” into an easy job. But giving one-on-one training isn’t always possible. 

That is why we created the SpotCast platform.

It is designed to be the easiest way in the world to record video instructions.

Why attach instructions to physical objects?

The team at SaferMe built this platform to help solve a problem that we experience too. 

Our CEO and his family are in the dairy farming business. The head developer of SpotCast is a Kiwi orchard owner. 

We know how useful one-on-one training with employees and contractors can be, but that sometimes you can’t be around to show them exactly what to do.

SpotCast is designed to be a practical tool for unstructured workplaces. 

A way to attach instructions to physical objects

How does it work?

All you need to do is:

  1. Place a SpotCast sticker on a piece of equipment or in a location you care about.
  2. Scan the QR code sticker, and you will be asked to record your video.
  3. Once done, the next time someone scans your SpotCast sticker, your training video will show.

It’s that easy.

For hints and tips on making a great tutorial video click here. 

Why QR codes and Video?

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says more! 

Showing people what to do rather than telling them, helps to communicate what they need to know.

While QR codes have been around for 30 years, it took a pandemic to bring their usage into the mainstream. 

Now when people see a QR code, they know they can scan it to either do something or learn something.

You can learn more about SpotCast by going here. Or you can click here to order QR codes for your business.